Chapter 2 describes the buying process, including the following topics:
  • reasons to buy a timeshare,
  • purchase options,
  • purchase process, and
  • alternatives to buying.

If you're considering buying a timeshare, make sure you do your homework and consider buying resale.  Be sure to research the company owning/managing the resort/system you're considering and get information from additional books and periodicals. 

Timeshare Developers / Clubs / Systems (listed alphabetically)

Several companies are actively developing, marketing, and selling timeshare weeks including:

Buying Resale - Auctions

There are two large online auction sites for timeshare weeks:

Buying Resale - Listings

Several websites list "used" (resale) timeshares for sale.  They include:

Buying Resale - Review Listings

Several websites support timeshare owners including:

Government Regulation / Consumer Protection

Governments are attempting to help protect their citizens who buy and own timeshares.  The following list of Governments have online materials to support their citizens or people that buy timeshares in their region: